Drawing with alcoholic (alcohol) ink

Drawing with alcoholic (alcohol) ink

Alcohol–based ink is an ideal material for lovers of complex multi-color abstract compositions. Smoky iridescences with smooth transitions, clear borders and bright shades do not leave anyone indifferent. Creating drawings does not require any special training or art education. Therefore, it is not surprising that this method has gained so many fans around the world.

The only thing you need to create a beautiful original painting is an understanding of the basic principles of coloristics and composition. In other words, you need to know how to create, harmoniously arrange the elements of the drawing and choose the right palette. The result will be a unique work of art that will decorate the interior.

Drawing with alcoholic ink is a wonderful exciting activity for both adults and children. It develops imagination and artistic taste, relieves anxiety and stress, increases self-esteem.

What is alcohol ink and why is isopropyl alcohol needed?

What is alcohol ink

Ready-made ink for drawing is not sold. They need to be mixed immediately before drawing from a concentrated dye and solvent – isopropyl alcohol. That is why alcohol and ink dyes need

Why isopropyl alcohol? Firstly, only this alcohol is suitable for diluting the pigment, if you use another one, the dye may curdle or exfoliate, precipitate and then the picture will be spoiled. Secondly, alcohol slows down the process of mixing paints, as a result, the ink slowly spreads over the tablet, acquires a beautiful unusual shape, forming a harmonious composition.

Isopropyl alcohol and ink solvent perform the same function. Manufacturers call them differently, or make special compositions for their type of ink.

Due to the high pigment content, all alcoholic inks are characterized by color saturation and are very economically consumed: two or three drops are enough for one job.

Is it possible to use refills from regular markers?

No. If you want to get a bright, beautiful work, then only high-quality ink with a high content of pigments is suitable. Markers can be used in a small format, for example, if you are engaged in scrapbooking. High-quality markers saturated with such inks usually cost more than ink.

What can I draw with alcohol ink on?

Ordinary paper or canvas are not suitable for drawing with alcoholic ink, since they quickly absorb the bulk of the pigment. Because of this, the drawing loses its brightness and clarity. To create truly beautiful works, you will need blanks made of plastic, glass, foam board, as well as stone, synthetic or plastic paper or bases with the same coating.

What can I draw with alcohol ink on

These materials do not “eat” the color and fully reveal all the possibilities of alcoholic ink. It is desirable that the base is completely white or black. The blanks for your paintings can be of very different shapes. And how do you like the idea of decorating a night light or other lamp with a plastic shade with a unique painting? It all depends on your imagination and inspiration.

How to draw with alcohol ink?

If you are just starting to draw, we advise you to take the basis of a small format for your first work in order to feel how the ink behaves. You will need:

suitable blank for the painting;
ink of several colors to your taste;
oilcloth on the table, gloves;
plastic cups;
solvent for alcohol paints (isopropyl alcohol).

How to draw with alcohol ink

Before starting work, cover the table with a protective film, and put on an apron yourself so as not to stain your clothes.

Pour a little alcohol or solvent on different parts of the base. And it is better to moisten the entire surface with it abundantly.

Apply one or two drops of paint to the base.

Take a hair dryer, turn it on at the slowest speed and carefully direct the air flow to the paint stain. Observe a distance of 30-50 cm, changing the direction of blowing.

Drawing on the water Ebru

Under the influence of warm air, the stain will change shape, and the alcohol will evaporate, and only the pigment will remain on the base. The weaker the air stream, the softer and smoother the stains. If you want to get more expressive splashes and bright spots, then increase the speed of the hair dryer or blow on the paint through a plastic tube. Pipettes and sprayers can also be used.

If you need the stain to be lighter, pour a little alcohol. If it is darker, add a couple of drops of pure paint.

To make the drawing airy and delicate, dilute the ink in a plastic cup and apply them to the base directly from it.

Fix the finished image with an aerosol varnish or epoxy resin. Complement the picture with any decorative elements, the main thing is that they do not dissolve the paint.

How to draw with alcohol ink

Ready! Now you can hang it on the wall and admire it!

When working with alcoholic ink for the first time, try to remember how they behave on the surface, what shape they take and how quickly they spread. Never point the hair dryer directly at the center of the spot, blow only at the edges.