Decoupage candles

Decoupage candles.

For some people a candle is an ordinary item that helps when the power goes out. And for someone it is a beautiful decorative object, a souvenir, a holiday attribute, an integral part of a romantic evening. The gentle flame of the candle creates an atmosphere of relaxation.
Decoupage candles. We want to offer you to make a candle for a romantic evening. We assure you that the decoration of the candle will bring as much pleasure as the evening itself.

Decoupage candles

Materials and tools for decoupage candles:

thick candle 8,6 cm;
romantic napkin;
contour paint for candles;
an old candle;
any soft wood pencil;

DIY Decoupage candles

The process of creating a candle begins with the selection of the pattern. Looking for a suitable napkin, we have it with roses.
Rose is the queen of all colors! It is believed that if a man wants to confess his love to you, he should turn to the language of flowers and give you a red rose.

Cut out a fragment of roses with small scissors. Carefully separate the third top layer. It is very thin, so take your time. Put the roses on the candle where you think they should be. Take a round pencil without ribs and press the napkin to the candle.

Decoupage candles

We try to make it so that all the napkin stuck and did not come off, it will facilitate its gluing.
We light an old candle, heat the inside of the spoon and with the back of the spoon we start gluing, driving our spoon tool in one direction.

Decoupage candles

From heating the candle begins to melt and wax impregnates the napkin, it instantly cools and the impregnated napkin becomes one with the candle. It is so thin that when the candle burns, it does not smoke or smoke.

An ordinary white candle took a festive look, but let’s make it even brighter, more expressive and give a volumetric effect.
To do this, we take a universal contour for candles of red color. We outline the petals of roses. Use the green outline to highlight the leaves.

Decoupage candles

Draw curls with a golden contour.

Leave for an hour until completely dry. Decorative art quickly enters our homes, making our lives more pleasant, bringing beauty and warm feelings into it.

Decoupage candles

We wish you a fabulous evening and an unforgettable experience!

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