Accessories for jewelry

Accessories for jewelry.

What accessories are needed to create jewelry?

It is customary to complement any women’s outfit with harmonious accessories. Therefore, ladies are often in search of stylish jewelry to replenish their collection. However, shopping trips are exhausting and do not guarantee that the headset you are interested in will be found at an affordable price. You can save time and money, as well as realize your creative potential with the help of self-made jewelry. At the same time, you should ask in advance what kind of accessories you will need, where to buy wire.

Types of materials

Initially, the craftswomen will think about what stones to buy for jewelry. After the sets of gems and beads are assembled, the question arises about the selection of fasteners and decor for them. In order not to get lost when choosing, you need to remember that the accessories are plastic and metal. The second type of products can consist of copper, brass, zinc, silver, aluminum, tin, medical steel and other components. The most affordable fasteners are made of plastic, alloys, painted in the colors of precious metals.

Accessories for jewelry

Types of accessories

This type of product can be conditionally divided into assembly parts and decorative elements. The first type includes pins, pins, clips, stoppers, rings and more. These components are used to secure beads, locks, laces, chains, ribbons. Jewelry wire can also become an original way of fixing parts of jewelry. But as a decoration, curly links, pendants, cones, pendant holders, chains, dividers, caps, end caps, etc. are used. It is worth mentioning that for the manufacture of earrings, you can not do without a pair of reliable shvenz.

Locks, usually metal, are used to fasten bracelets and necklaces. They can be in the form of magnetic or screw-on parts, carabiners, toggles, hooks, etc. Their front side is often decorated with beads, crystals, carved mother of pearl. With such a decor, finished products become more original, but such accessories will cost a little more expensive than conventional fasteners. Also, it is not designed for everyday wear and requires careful treatment.

Accessories for jewelry


Accessories should not only be beautiful, but also safe. To prevent an allergic reaction upon contact with the decoration, instead of fasteners made of ordinary jewelry alloy, you can use parts covered with gilding or a thin layer of silver. They will give the accessories a premium gloss and sophistication, because outwardly they are difficult to distinguish from products made entirely of precious metals. And so that no component is lost, securely fix all parts of the craft with pliers, tweezers, round pliers, pliers and other tools.

When choosing accessories, initially study its composition and dimensions. Close attention should be paid to the wire diameter. The thickness of the fasteners should correspond to the holes in the beads and provide them with a reliable fixation. If necessary, you can use the help of a consultant.

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